Study Product Use and Performance

Discover how customers use your product in actual practice.

You have dedicated years to develop and validate your product. However, use of your medical product in a controlled environment (clinical studies) versus actual use will likely not be the same. In addition, your product may not have been manufactured per your DMR or MMR and has failed in the field.

If the failure caused or could have caused a serious injury, reporting product failure to the EU or US regulatory authorities may be required.


Worst yet, you may need to recall the product. Regardless, all of your medical product's post market activity must now be monitored and considered.

Discover how customers use your product in actual practice. Gather and analyze post-market usage data and feedback. Conduct post-market clinical follow-up (PMCF) studies.

Services Offered:

  • Labeling, benefit claims
  • Promotion and advertising review
  • Complaint management, adverse event reporting
  • Annual updates to CER, TF; annual reporting for PMA products
  • Health hazard evaluation
  • Post-market study design and evaluation